I'm a storyteller with an extensive background in digital and branded content.

I was one of the original writers for BuzzFeed’s mega-viral, Friskies-branded Dear Kitten series, which racked up 30 million views and launched a Super Bowl commercial (Friskies’ first Super Bowl spot and BuzzFeed’s first TV exposure).

In about a month from concept to execution, I wrote and produced The Sauce for McDonald’s, The Onion, and Gizmodo, a three-episode podcast exploring the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce fiasco. The podcast rocketed into Apple’s top 100 podcasts within 24 hours and went on to win a Webby.

I've used video, podcasting, interactive gaming, live experiential events, and the written word to help convey clients' messages as powerfully and clearly as possible. I view each new business challenge as a fascinating puzzle to be solved with passion, teamwork, and creativity.